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Alison Cope: Woman On A Mission

That’s All Media caught up with Alison Cope, the anti-youth violence campaigner. She tells us about her latest mission promoting positive choices – said to be the first of its kind.













Picture Credit: Birmingham Mail | Pride of Birmingham 2015: Stephen Sutton Award winner Alison Cope.


The inaugural Joshua Ribera Awards will, next month, celebrate inspirational young people who have turned their lives around. Professionals who have supported young people who have triumphed, despite setbacks including those leading complexed lives and excluded from formal education, will also receive awards at the ceremony on the 2nd February, 2018.


Design Credit: That’s All Media | The Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards 2018


Alison Cope campaigns against knife crime and promotes healthy relationships in communities. Inspired by the memory of her son Joshua, who died under tragic circumstances involving other young people, Alison visits two to five schools per week talking to young people about positive choices and helping to prevent deaths. Since 2013, she has presented and hosted workshops to over 100,000 young people. Her powerful message reaches around two thousand young people per week. The Joshua Ribera Awards are yet another way to highlight the immense potential of the young people she works with.


“These awards are a way to reinforce positive messages to the young winners as well as positively influencing their peers. The power of positive recognition in communities is very important and it is my sincere hope that these awards will be a legacy for generations to come.” Alison Cope (Founder of The Joshua Ribera Awards)


During the ceremony at Birmingham Conference and Events Centre on February 2nd, 2018, up to 22 awards will be given to young people who have excelled academically or achieved personal development to a commendable level.


Alison’s son Joshua, whose memory drives her work, was not in formal education during his teenage years. He did however use positive activities such as music to turn his life around. Joshua’s passion for music saw him become a successful urban music artist. Known by the name ‘DepzMan’, at one point he was the best-selling artist on iTunes. In 2013 his album, 2 Real charted at number 1 on the Hip Hop charts. Alison credits Josh’s achievements to the power of positive relationships with family and caring professionals. She also feels that making positive choices is a big influence on life outcomes.


Video Credit: Blue Monday | Alison talks about her son, Joshua, a talented musician who was tragically stabbed to death in 2013.


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Written by Jenna Varndell.


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