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Google Joins JOMO Revolution

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Happy Scroll-Free September everyone! With FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) taking over our lives for the last few years, a new trend is on the way. JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) is looking to take over, and Google is on board.

Tech giants Google have published an article detailing the results of extensive research conducted over the last few years indicating that people want less screen time. With smartphones transforming the way we live our lives, there is a debate to be had about whether these devices are improving our reality.

Google’s research has determined that people want help spending less time on their phones.

They are prepared to do this in three key moves.

Firstly, the new Android software will include a Digital Wellbeing Dashboard, which works similarly to YouTube’s recently launched Time Watched facility, and will show you how much time you use on each app.

Secondly, App Timer is being included on the new Android update also which will notify you after a set time period on one app to help stop the endless scrolling.

Thirdly, they will have partial disconnection, which will shut down most apps leaving only crucial ones (such as phone, camera, clock, maps).

Is it time to unplug from the matrix, and give time back to ourselves?

Scroll-free September is happening all of September with the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), and is encouraged by That’s All Media.

Written by Aiden Perrins

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