September 21, 2018 That's All Media

Crowdfunder Set Up to Help Anti-Upskirting Activist

Gina Martin

In June 2017, Gina Martin was a victim of upskirting, which is when someone takes a photo up a woman’s skirt without them knowing. This act is still shockingly legal, and over one year on, Martin is still campaigning for that to change. Comedian Samantha Baines has now set up a crowdfunder in her honour, to help support her costs of fighting for meaningful change in the law.

In June of this year, the new legislation went through the House of Commons, but the bill was blocked by one vote. Gina hasn’t given up though, working tirelessly alongside a full-time job, and covering her own expenses, the bill is now ready to go through the House of Lords.

The crowdfunder is for people who believe in her mission, and to give her the help she needs. So many people have reached out to her, she knows she is not alone in this fight. We all hope this is one last push to make this violating act illegal.

Written by: Aiden Perrins

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