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Kew Gardens Want To Brighten Up Britain

Credit: Daniel Case

Grow Wild, in association with Kew Gardens, have funding applications open now for 2019. Grow Wild fund community projects that engage communities with the native wildflowers and fungi of the UK.

This is not for those living in the stunning countryside, but mostly for people from underprivileged urban areas, offering an opportunity to come together and brighten up their space.

It is known that there is a correlation between the amount of green space in an area and mental wellbeing. People are happier when they are around more nature. In built-up areas this may seem like an impossibility, but just a few plant pots or containers and people do start to feel better.

Being involved in a community project in a green space is socialising, is (hopefully) being in the sunshine, and being around a small section of nature which is undoubtedly good for you.

Grow Wild also focuses on youth, with projects for 12-25 year olds. These aren’t necessarily just giving kids some seeds to plant, they can involve art pieces, film, dance, anything really that celebrates the native botanicals of the UK.

If you have an idea for a green-fingered project then you can get in touch and apply for funding until 10th December 2018. The requirements are that it must have a focus on UK native wildflowers, plants or fungi. You need to have the potential to reach 300 people, and it should be something where people can connect, learn something new, and help each other and nature. Your project should also engage at least one of the following target audiences:

  • Young people aged 12-25
  • Communities living in urban areas
  • Communities experiencing some disadvantage or reduced access to services
  • Adults that are less engaged with their community and environmental activities

Application forms are on their website, go check it out.

Written by: Aiden Perrins

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