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The Power of Hashtags

Whether we like them or not:  hashtags have become an essential part of social media culture over the past decade. What started off as a complimentary ending to a witty tweet has now become one of the top ways to enhance campaigns online.  At That’s All Media, we actively encourage our clients to harness and utilise the power of hashtags. Hashtags can make a fundamental difference to campaigns, especially those located in smaller parts of the country. Here’s three ways how to fully embrace the power of the hashtag:

Free Publicity

Free Publicity

Hosting events for a campaign can prove very expensive. However, promoting and capturing the impact of the event can be even more taxing on expenses. By using a hashtag which entails the name of your event or has some relation to its outcome, small campaigners can create an immediate online presence without spending a penny.

It will also enhance the audience experience of the event or campaign. It’s now a cultural norm to document your life through selfies or videos. By the audience hashtagging an event; it creates an internet trail across social media which can never be erased. Raw, positive reactions sell better than scripted adverts. Adding a hashtag to this marketing technique is one of the quickest ways of boosting your campaign without hiring a media team.


Merge the old with the new

Old to New

Although the hashtag is a direct descendant of the internet, it is now perfectly acceptable to use hashtags in spaces that are offline. Multiple brands such as Three, Samsung and Natwest have used hashtags on physical, hard copies of flyers or on billboards. This acts as a two-strand marketing strategy. Its slogan-like quality appeals to those who are not active on the internet and it also directs people to your social media accounts. This is another impactful way of turning an ordinary hashtag into a movement.


Accountability and Social Change

Make a change

Lastly, hashtags are a brilliant way of holding brands, causes and public figures accountable for their actions. In recent years, powerful movements such as #MeToo and #ClimateDenier have put the spotlight on industry gatekeepers and those abusing their positions. In essence, hashtags can give power back to underrepresented communities and deliver justice into the hands of its rightful owners.

Hashtags can transcend the reach of a small campaign onto a global playing field in a matter of seconds, but are local brands embracing the power of the hashtag? Everyone can benefit from its uses regardless of your background. The small things can make the biggest difference. 

Written by Ashlee E L Roberts for That’s All Media


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