We’re a creative agency with a passion for digital storytelling and positive social impact. Based in the Midlands, we care about brands, causes and people with a story to tell.

By using a creative team of people who have been through difficulties and overcome challenging life experiences, we are able to help bring your story to life with an authentic perspective, as we have lived it!

We create exciting digital content, clever creative marketing campaigns and offer support with social media management, enabling us to help you communicate real values and purpose in more engaging and absorbing ways. Our creatives use technology, psychology and effective media to captivate audiences and deliver powerful messages.

That’s All Media are here to pioneer digital storytelling! We know how hard it is being in the business of helping others and we want to help you make it a success! We want to be part of your story to help create change and sustain positive social impact. Get in touch to see how we can support you to reach your ideal audience and grow your following.




Jenna Varndell

Project Management

As the founding member of That’s All Media, Jenna is our multimedia maverick. She is a video producer, photographer and an impressive musician / music producer that has achieved international airplay. She is our lead project manager that is highly competent and diligent at meeting our client’s needs. Her experience of delivering projects spans from working with BBC (CBBC, BBC Music etc), Birmingham City Council, Youth Music Foundation, BarclayCard, Capital Xtra, Youth Offending Services and smaller community focused organisations


Anna Sarzyniak

PR & Journalism

Anna is our renaissance woman who is fearless when it comes to professional or personal challenges. Anna pushes our boundaries as she embraces new technologies and keeps the team future ready with projects in virtual reality (VR), 360° and the latest digital trends. As a quick learning specialist in PR & Journalism, she extended her expertise into the events and project management industry. Anna is versatile in her creative grasp and is also a talented photographer and videographer.


Joel Felles

Video Production

Joel has proven himself to be a quintessential artisan. He has worked with brands such as Birmingham Town Hall Symphony Hall and Birmingham Opera. With his experience in corporate projects, social action and community engagement is a key motivation for Joel’s script writing and film development – he has supported many local projects that have engaged hard to reach young people using his talents in directing and camera operating.

  • This is fantastic – a great representation of the themes which emerged from the event.  I am really happy with it and am looking forward to showing it off at U.N. Habitat III (Ecuador) in the sessions I am in… Many thanks for all your excellent and considerate work.

    Dr S. H. Hill, University of Birmingham
  • The team is a great team, lovely bunch of people, with great skills and I have nothing but trust in them… I am grateful for the work they have done so far, they showed nothing but professionalism…. I will definitely be using them again.

    Kleva Productions
  • University of Birmingham
  • LyfeProof
  • Aspire4U
  • SEBD Solutions
  • Tiger Helicopters
  • Mooch Bar


Visual Content Creation

Through our photography, videography, illustration, web and graphic design services, That’s All Media combines skills and experience to offer high quality, engaging and targeted visual content, whatever the need or audience.

Our passionate team attack each project with flair, creativity and a solid understanding and respect of the client’s needs. With attention to detail and a dynamic way of thinking, our team offer a bespoke service for every one of our clients, so each piece of work is unique.

With every one of our services, we’ll get to know your brand, spending time with you to get under the skin of the organisation, research your competitors, understand your objectives and your customers. We create meaningful on and offline experiences, revealing your company’s voice to full effect.

Social Media Management

Through social media management and training, we ensure that you’re effectively building your brand online so that you’re found and most importantly, remembered! At That’s All Media we know how important it is to adapt media to the latest developments in social media advertising. That’s why we are always trying new approaches to grab attention and communicate to consumers in the most effective way for each channel. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will work with you to increase your online visibility and grow your following, providing you with more opportunities for conversion, through Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or a combination of channels!

Writing Services

Good words get good results – it’s that simple. Whether you’re looking for quality copy for your blog, website, press release, e-newsletters, bid or advertisement, our talented and experienced copywriters always get to the essence of the message, defining your brand in clear, concise and audience-focussed language. Our team will help you effectively communicate your value, connect with your customers (and make a great first impression on new ones), and ultimately increase your revenue


With a collaborative and pragmatic approach, our proven and experienced consultants will help prepare you to survive in a fast and highly competitive media market. We’ll show you the secrets of developing a creative team, advise how to budget and fund your creative venture and give guidance on navigating the best technologies to achieve great results.

Watch This Space!

We don’t miss a beat here at That’s All Media, and that’s why we’ve already started wondering the realm of virtual reality – things are bubbling away here at HQ, but we’ll let you know more once we’re ready to unveil our thought provoking virtual campaigns…



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